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Breaking the Silence: Help for "Late Talkers"

Parents become anxious when their child doesn’t meet his or her developmental milestones. They see other children of the same age developing language skills and talking, but their child is not. Late language emergence (LLE) is a delay in language skills relative to the child’s age. Toddlers who exhibit LLE are referred to as "late talkers.”

Leap of Language, Inc., we understand how worrying speech delays can be and are here to help. Our highly skilled and compassionate speech pathologist, Jessica Patrick, will work with your child with a customized treatment plan designed to stimulate overall language development.

A “Late Talker” is a toddler (between 18-30 months) who has good understanding of language, typically developing play skills, motor skills, thinking skills, and social skills, but has a limited spoken vocabulary for his or her age. Because this group of children is progressing so well in other areas of development, parents and others may assume that they will catch up on their own. Indeed, many late talkers do “grow out of it”, but many do not. It can be difficult to predict which children will not catch up to their peers, but some indicators include:

  • quiet as an infant; little babbling

  • does not link pretend ideas and actions together while playing

  • does not imitate (copy) words

  • difficulty playing with peers (social skills)

  • a mild comprehension (understanding) delay for his or her age

  • uses few gestures to communicate

While there is no one form of therapy or intervention that is best for all late-talkers, it’s important to seek an evaluation so that an accurate diagnosis is made. At Leap of Language, your child is in the best of hands. We will perform evaluations regularly to monitor your child’s language progress. If we determine that he or she has LLE, we offer a variety of effective therapies to stimulate language development and enhance your ability as parents to support the child's development in everyday situations.

For more information about the many services we provide, give us a call today.

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